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Our Approach

We are expert consultants in creative branding, design and digital product development. We work with clients individually and collectively depending on the requirements of each project. As such, our service is purely bespoke. Each collaboration is uniquely matched to your needs, yet benefits from our experience of working together as a team and sharing inspirations, knowledge and expertise.

We are senior graphic designers, programmers, project managers, artists, consultants, writers, and marketing experts who believe in making unique, high quality products.

We work with brands big and small. Our client list includes government agencies, social enterprises, start-ups, small businesses and global corporations.

  • Brand Development

    From brand presentation to inspirational brand stories, we create real, personalised brand identities people really want to engage with. We work with companies big and small. We build brands from scratch and work within an existing framework. We’ll position your brand in the market and connect you with your audiences in natural, beneficial interactions.

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  • Creative Direction

    We know great creative depends on great communication. We are meticulous in dissecting briefs to ensure that every element from concept to production has been thought through and interacts seamlessly with your overall marketing and creative strategy.

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  • Graphic Design

    Our visual design is innovative, enduring and infectious: you’ll want to share it. Our graphics are inspired and expressive, connecting the people who matter with the ideas and products they value.

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  • UI & UX Design

    Your website is your first contact with many of your prospective customers. Our designs provide a user experience as enjoyable and engaging as you on your best pitch to your highest value client – anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

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  • Content Management Solutions

    Our content management solutions (CMS) are designed for easy, efficient website content updates and management. Powered by common sense. No technical expertise required.

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  • Responsive Web Builds

    We make connections work for you. Whether your customers reach you via smartphones, tablets, PCs, or wearable devices, we guarantee an easy, graceful transfer of your online presentation. However your customers and prospects find you, and however they share you, your branding will transfer seamlessly onto each device or screen.

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  • Social Media Engagement

    Forward-thinking brands are personable, approachable, and in on the chatter. They are “liked”, linked to, shared amongst friendship groups and engaged in conversation. We help brands get ready for social, and create the right media mix and publication schedule to ensure optimal engagement with the people who matter.

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  • Specialist Print

    Print is a true craft. Our printers technologies are advanced, but that’s not the point. Achieving the subtleties of finish and finesse still calls for extreme skill of hand and eye, and genuine care in the process. The clients we work with trust us with their most important work and crave the craftmanship our printers provide. They, like us, see the value in traditional quality.

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  • Illustration

    We like to start with a pen and paper. Our best ideas come from quick-sketch storyboards that free up the flow of inspiration and get the message across instantly: visual and unforgettable. From infographics to animated shorts, hand-drawn or digitised images, our clients trust us to create the best expressive images for their brands.

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What our clients say

  • In nine months of hard work, Bay12 Studio has never let us down. Creative, practical, diligent and able to target precisely our specialist clientele, they have shown their expertise and commitment both in design strategy and implementation. You can see their work, directly and indirectly in our advertising, our brochure and in other publicity. Creative, reasonable, and timely. What's not to like?

    Barry Tomalin

    Head of Communication, London Academy of Diplomacy

  • Bay12 Studio's service-oriented approach ensures that they consistently deliver high quality, innovative products on time, regularly exceeding our customers expectations.

    Dr. Sebastian Csaki

    Director, ADAC Communications

  • Bay12 Studio’s work for my company was fautless. The team’s creativity and design was modern and elegant and they interpreted my ideas seamlessly. It was a pleasure working with Bay12 Studio because it was stress free, totally reliable, and the work was done on time. I cannot recommend them more highly.

    Jane Whitfield

    Founder, The Chamomile Suite

Who we work with

    ADAC Communications
    Art5 Gallery
    The Bodyshop
    Catherine Lightbody Interiors
    The Chamomile Suite
    Close Brothers Group
    Condé Nast International
    Direct Line
    The Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
    Future Aerial Innovations
    The Global Feed & Food Congress
    The International Feed Industry Federation
    The INTO Partnership

    London Academy of Diplomacy
    Media Bounty
    MISSMO Enterprises
    Nurture Higher Education Group
    Open Data Institute
    Reef Capital
    The Rong Robot Project
    Syd Mead (Oblagon, Inc.)
    Whiteleaf Cycles